It Pays to Count on First Nick Companies to Perform Quality Commercial Painting in Massachusetts

The first thing anyone sees when they approach a building is its coating. It covers a vast amount of space, making it impossible to ignore. Therefore, an immaculate paint job is essential to creating the right first impression.


Inside, the same principle holds true. People will see the paint before anything else and will notice its color and condition even when they’re not actively examining it. Making sure that your interior paint is done and maintained in perfect condition will keep the experience inside your building in line with the expectations set by the outside.


Why You Should Count on First Nick Companies for Your Commercial Painting

New Installations


With First Nick Companies, you aren’t limited to basic paint. We have experience with a wide variety of interior and exterior coatings. Our options include the chance to get special textures and finishes that most others can’t provide. This service is available for both interior and exterior surfaces


We can also install any kind of wall covering. Whether you’d like a mural along one wall or fabric coverings all the way down each hallway, First Nick Companies are ready to make it happen.


When you need specialized coatings, look to us for the best solutions. We can apply unique coatings to create markerboard walls, add fire resistance, resist graffiti, repel water, and more. Just call us whenever you need any wall to do more than just look nice.


Of course, we are still always ready to apply basic paint. There are many situations in which regular paint is the most appropriate coating, and we will apply it with perfection.




In commercial environments, it’s common for the paint in certain areas to get damaged long before the entire wall needs to be redone. If ignored, the building will look “raggedy” despite large areas of pristine wall treatment.


Our maintenance service prevents this raggedy look from coming to your building. We apply touch-up paint to eliminate chips, scuffs, and scratches without redoing entire walls. This keeps your building looking great in between complete paint jobs. Our crews are discreet, so there is minimal to no disruption during the touch-up process.


Expanded Services


When you need ongoing carpentry as well as paint installation and maintenance, consider our property management and facility services option. With this, we send crews to inspect and maintain your premises on a regular basis. This ensures that your property keeps looking great over time, with no need to make special calls to get work done.


As you can see, First Nick Companies aren’t your typical one-and-done painting service providers. We offer far more than regular paint, and our maintenance services help keep it looking great. Our carpentry services take things up another notch, and keep your building from suffering from the traffic that comes with being open to the public.


To get started with any of our services, just contact us here at First Nick Companies in Massachusetts. We’ll be glad to work with you.

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