2022’s Q1 & Q2 Are Over. Here Is What We’ve Learned Being In The Construction Industry Today

There’s no doubt about it; the past couple of years have been tough — for all of us. We join almost everyone else in the hope that we won’t have to repeat these times again in our lifetime. We have also learned some lessons, and we hope those lessons will serve us well in the future.

Now is not the time to rest. At First Nick Companies, we think it’s time to adopt a bold vision of the future, and we intend to apply the lessons we have learned as we move ahead.

What, exactly, have those lessons entailed?

Our Team Is Our Backbone

We need our team to thrive, and we acknowledge the responsibility to make that happen in the future. Now that the worst times of the pandemic seem to be ending, we are still faced with global uncertainty in other areas, including continuing shortages, rising prices, and higher interest rates. It is true that tomorrow will not be what the past was. And we take the issues seriously. More than ever before, we are committed to employing an innovative approach to ensure that each team member can thrive personally. That will ensure the future of our business.

Business Partnerships Are Good Investments

The ability — and the need — to build strong relationships with others in the same or related fields will lead to greater success for us all. That has been proven time and time again. “A rising tide lifts all boats!” We value the business partnerships that allow us to share resources, expand each company’s reach, extend our customer base and increase revenue. We see no downside to that investment of time and effort, only long-term stability and strong alliances that benefit us all.

We look forward to reaping the dividends of new business partnerships!

The Highest Quality of Work Is Vital for Success

We will always strive to “go the extra mile,” whether that involves personal effort or a determination to exceed customer expectations. We believe that “good enough” is never enough, and that we can excel at whatever we do. We demand the best of ourselves, our team, and our associates, so that we are able to provide only the best to our customers. That’s what makes the difference at First Nick Companies.

Hiring Will Continue to Be a Challenge

As we move ahead into Quarters 3 and 4 of 2022, we look forward with cautious optimism. But we are also highly optimistic that the construction industry will rebound and reach new heights, both in volume and effectiveness. We look forward to overcoming the challenges we currently face. We have redoubled our recruiting efforts, investing in more innovative methods to reach out to potential employees through varied online efforts, through word of mouth, and innovative benefit packages. In short, we have adopted a “can do” spirit, and as we move into 2023, we will face each day as a new opportunity.

That’s what we have learned from being in the construction industry today and during the past two years.

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Kosta Kritikos,


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