Giovanni Quinteros

Giovanni Quinteros

Field Foreman

Giovanni is one of the company’s foreman and he is responsible for overseeing the success of our companies projects.

He works directly with our clients job supervisors and along with our employees from field painters along with the entire office staff at First Nick Companies. Giovanni is a person who was educated in the sense that to achieve anything, you have to work hard for it. He has been with Kosta and First Nick for 8 year, came into the company as an apprentice and has worked his way up to being Field Foreman. He has had a great learning experience working with Kosta and First Nick and helping the team grow throughout the years, and thanks Kosta for giving him the opportunity to grow with First Nick Companies and is dedicated to going above and beyond to help the company’s growth.

Giovanni is a responsible person who is dedicated to his work and family. He takes pride in everything he does and believes in good communication with family, co-workers and friends inside and outside of work. Giovanni also likes to help with ideas to see others grow and learn on a personal & work capacity.

Outside of work Giovanni enjoys taking pictures, going fishing, and playing soccer.