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Window Replacement Cost – What To Expect

window replacement cost

Windows are the eyes to the soul. Wait. That doesn’t sound right. It’s the other way around, right? Errr… back to the reason why we are here!

You obviously need some windows replaced! Well, we want to help you get started with understanding what your possible window replacement cost might be.

Windows are an important, essential part of your home. They let in fresh air and sunlight. They should be practical and sturdy. If you’re lucky, they will also beautify your home. So it’s important you take all these things into account when selecting a window.

Let’s take a look.

Most Common Types of Windows

Below are some of the most frequently used windows, and their characteristics. These are to help you get an idea of the window replacement cost for various options. The prices given are averages, and can fluctuate depending on the size and quality of the window.

Double-Hung Sash Windows

These are windows that have two panes that slide up and down in the frame. Both the top and bottom panes can slide up and down, but they can’t get pushed outwards. These are probably the most common type of window, so they are a good choice to consider when thinking about window replacement costs or other common services around the house.

Double-hung sash windows can cost around $200 to $500 each.


  • Eco friendly, are we? This is the most energy efficient style of window.
  • They are classic and match almost every style of home or decor.
  • If you’re not a lucky duck who has central air, this type of window is perfect for window air conditioners.


They sometimes let in more air than other types of windows. This might be an issue if your house gets very cold.

Casement Windows

These windows are hinged and open outward. They are controlled by a crank or lever. This holds the window pane in place so it doesn’t move.

Casement windows cost on average $200 to $500 each.


  • Easy to open and close – so you don’t need steroids to get a breath of fresh air.
  • They open pretty wide, so you get a lot of ventilation.


  • You’d better like bugs, because you can’t use screens.
  • You’d better like the heat, because you can’t use window air conditioners.

Awning Windows

These are hinged at the top, and the open outward to let air in from the bottom. You could call them horizontal casement windows.

Awning windows cost can cost anywhere from $115 to $600 each.


  • Protection from moisture, since they open from the bottom (small basement windows).
  • Modern looking, can be placed high on the wall for privacy and/or design.


Usually not large or practical enough for escape in an emergency. So safety is a factor here.

Picture Windows

These windows are made to showcase a view, and they are usually fixed (they don’t open). Frequently, picture windows are very large, sometimes even going floor to ceiling. Window replacement cost for these may differ based on size.

Picture windows can cost anywhere from $275 to $900.


  • Tons of natural light – hello sunshine!
  • Lower costs sometimes, since there are no working parts (it’s a fixed window).


  • Not as much insulation as a wall, and a lot of sunlight (read: heat) during the summer.
  • No ventilation, since you can’t open the windows.


Window replacement cost is usually around $150-$200 to install a window, but this may fluctuate depending on the size and type of window.

The best way to get a solid price quote is to have a pro come check out your home and see what needs to be replaced.

Good luck with your new windows!

Photo by Jenni Douglas  / CC BY 2.0

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