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Best Paint Colors For Living Room – How to Choose

paint colors for living roomChoosing paint can be a super stressful experience. After a few hours of looking at multiple shades and colors, everything starts to blend into one big headache. Believe us, we know how you feel.

Since you probably spend most of your at-home leisure time in the living room, it’s important that you enjoy what it looks like. Seems pretty obvious, right? But you’d be surprised how many people are unhappy with their living rooms.

To help you out, we looked at all possible paint colors for living room ideas and have compiled what we think are the best of the bunch.

Traditional Whites

You can’t go wrong with white walls. Gone are the days of stark, boring, hospital whites. This is 2013, where you can get 300 different shades of cream. As we mentioned before, this can be pretty darn scary, so here are some paint colors for living room that we love.


  • Benjamin Moore’s Ice Mist: We love this cool white that works really well with dark blues and greys.
  • Sherwin Williams’ High Reflective White: This bright white can be used for both interior and exterior, but we think it’s awesome for a simple, clean looking living room. The benefit of this color is that you can use virtually any type or color furniture and décor, and it will match. You can also change things up easily if you like to decorate seasonally.

Deep Jewel Tones

Although they may sound feminine and old-fashioned (hey, what’s wrong with that!?), jewel tones can help create a bold, exciting look in a room. Some people shy away from dark colors, but if you are one of the brave ones, props to you!

Check out these strong paint colors for living room that can make your place the place to be.

  • Behr’s Antique Ruby: This deep red color is beautiful with bright white accents. This color is very versatile, but it works especially well with classic décor or modern, black furniture.
  • Benjamin Moore’s Patriot Blue: This is perfect for the sailor in you. This vibrant blue can be paired with country décor to give a beach-house feel. If you’re the dude who rocks a polo shirt, you can’t get much more preppy than this color.

Warm Neutrals

Light or dark, warm neutrals give you that homey, cozy feeling that we all want to reclaim as we get older. If you are in doubt, think food: If you find paint colors for living room that resemble shades of coffee or chocolate, then you are on the right path.

Whether you like to sit by the fire with some hot cocoa, or recline with a newspaper and a good cigar, you can’t go wrong with these earthy tones.

  • Behr’s Oyster: This color could almost be white, but it’s not quite there. It is the perfect complement to dark, earthy accents and heavy fabrics.
  • Sherwin Williams’ Turkish Coffee: Aside from sounding good enough to eat, this color is equally at home in a classic bachelor pad or a cozy living room.

Textured Painting

If you really want to get creative, check out Martha Stewart Living’s decorative painting techniques. There is a painting kit to go along with it as well, so get ready to flex those guns and bring on the painting. Adding texture to paint colors for living room can make a boring room pretty darn exciting.

Using techniques in the link above, you can experiment with all different sorts of paint effects, including plaid, linen, wood grain, and more. We checked them out – believe us, you’d never guess they weren’t the real thing:

Parting Thoughts

If you find a paint color you like, check out the paint company’s website to see if they have a virtual paint page. We like Behr’s Paint Your Place tool. It will help you try out different combos and paint colors for living room.

When you are ready and armed with your color arsenal, give us a call and we can get those shades on the wall for you!

Photo by Andrew Morrell  / CC BY-ND 2.0

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