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Best Exterior House Painting Contractors in Beverly MA

Painting properties require expertise to ensure quality coating. There are house painting companies in Beverly MA that have served the area’s residents and commercial property owners with their painting expertise. However, they also offer other services that clients may need while painting.

It is not only a fresh coat of paint that your home might need. There are times when the results of being exposed to Beverly MA’s weather just shows on your home’s exteriors. This is why it is important to hire a painting contractor in Beverly who can do more than just give your house a new coat to echo the city’s unique combination of old town charm and city chic.

Wall Resurfacing

The wall needs to be smooth first before painting. Uneven surfaces will result to problematic coating output. Moreover, painting on uneven and cracked surfaces consumes more paint than painting on flat and smooth surface.

Paint contractors can resurface walls to smoothen and even out the surface. They may need to use various materials like white cement and other tools, but they guarantee results with every fix. Contractors will check wall surfaces first before painting and recommend whether resurfacing is necessary or not.


Cracked walls and holes will also affect the painting process and the amount of paint used. Moreover, mere painting will not cover the cracks or the holes. Contractors need to reseal and resurface the affected areas then proceed with painting.

Just like in resurfacing, contractors will use special materials to reseal cracked parts of the house before repainting. They will inform clients about the resealing then set their expectations in terms of the amount of time needed to spend to accomplish the procedure.

Deck Staining

Painting coats is not necessary for some parts of the house like decks. They only need some staining using staining materials to look great. Contractors can do the staining themselves and make sure they will complement the property’s overall appearance. They may match the stain and staining technique used according to the property’s color scheme and theme. This makes the overall design more consistent and looks better than the original.

Pressure Washing

Cleaning is an important part of painting to ensure coats will adhere properly on surfaces. Furthermore, this guarantees that stain and dirt, which are considered as weathering elements, won’t be trapped underneath the paint and damage the surface from within. They offer pressure washing services to clean surfaces effectively. Painters may also clean patios and other parts of the house if clients will require them for painting.

Minor Carpentry

Some damaged parts of the house must be repaired first before painting. Naturally, painting contractors are painter and not carpenters. However, they can do minor carpentry work to let clients work with one service providers. They can check the possible areas of the house that need carpentry and see if they can do the job.

Painting contractors in Beverly MA extend additional services required with coating properties. Consult experts about these additional services and ask for a home inspection now to find out how you can have a beautifully renovated house.