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Preventing Carpet Installation Cost From Getting Out of Hand

carpet installation costYou must be here because you want some padding under your feet… and not the shearling kind. Maybe you’ve got some hardwood floors that you need to cover up so the folks downstairs don’t yell at you. Or maybe you already have carpeting. From 1985.

So you need a change, we get it. There’s almost nothing that makes a house cozier than some homey carpeting on which you can relax in front of the fireplace, or play with your kids and their newfangled toys.

Of course, carpet doesn’t install itself, and it sure as heck doesn’t pay for itself. So let’s look at some elements of carpet installation cost.

The Carpet Itself

In addition to thinking about how much the carpet will cost to install, you need to think about how much the materials will actually cost as well. Depending on what type of carpet and installation you use, a small room could cost $700 to $3000.

Some types of carpeting:

  • Wool is super soft and resilient… and pretty expensive (high end is around $100 a square yard).
  • Nylon is similar to wool, it is durable and soft to the touch – and also cheaper (the most expensive is usually around $35 a square yard).
  • Polyester isn’t bad either, and is fairly soft – but not that durable (the high end is around $20 a square yard).

The Room

It’s important to think about the lifestyle you have and the use of the room you will be carpeting. You might carpet your 12 year old twin boys’ bedroom differently than you’d carpet your home office. You might expect that you’d be walking barefoot in your master bedroom more often than in the living room. So perhaps you’d want your bedroom carpet to be softer to the touch. Try to think about all of these things before heading over to try out carpet swatches. It will make you much more informed and better equipped so you know what to look for.

The Installation

The best way to get an idea of carpet installation cost is to get a pro over to your place and have them give you a quote. A rug installer will be the best person to measure your home, or the rooms you need carpeted. They will understand where you will need to place seams, something which may affect the price. They will also able to suggest types of carpeting based on their expertise.

Obviously you can’t get someone over at your place in the next 3 seconds though, so we are here to give you some ideas of carpet installation cost.

The cost to install new carpeting is usually around $1400 bucks for a 300 square foot room.  Some other things to take into account are if the installers will need to remove old carpeting, do additional cuts to the carpets in rooms that are not standard square/rectangle shapes, or remove furniture.

This is why it’s important to talk to your contractor about your carpet installation cost. There are lots of variables, and $1400 bucks for 300 square feet might be right on or super off-base, depending on the many variables.

Other Options

Now that we’ve gone over carpet installation cost, let’s discuss some other possibilities.

DIY Carpeting a room (or house) is a super involved project so it’s not really something that’s a great do-it-yourself thing. We do want to present all the options though. So if you are the handiest guy in town, give it a shot!


Forget Wall-to-Wall If all this talk of carpeting is making you go totally bonkers, you can easily just put a rug on it. An area rug, we mean. If you have hardwood floors, this is a great option and you can change it up whenever you want.


If you have any questions about carpets or how to find the best painter in Boston, let us know and we’d be glad to help!

Photo by C Jill Reed / CC BY-SA 2.0

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