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Boys Bedroom Ideas – How to Make the Little Man Happy

So you’ve decided to repaint or remodel a boy’s bedroom. Props to you! Now, we know this can be hard to get right, so we want to make sure to present you with the best options for the little man in your life.

Of course, if he is as particular as you are, he will probably want to decide for himself. Either way, we’ve got some great boys bedroom ideas for you.

Theme Bedrooms

boys bedroom ideasIf your guy is super into something like Harry Potter, Legos, fire trucks, etc. this is a great time to let your imagination go wild. Instead of just getting a cool poster and race car sheets, go the distance and paint the walls to match. This type of thing is not for the faint of heart, but don’t worry – if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, there are lots of stencils out there to help you out. If you just really, really don’t want to paint, call us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!

So, a simple way to do theme-painting is with a nautical bedroom. Check out the striped walls in this room – it is done on only one wall, is a pretty easy design, and instantly makes the theme believable.

If you are big into do-it-yourself, there are tons of tutorials out there for building furniture, beds, and other fun stuff for your child’s bedroom.

Here are some other fun boys bedroom ideas you can try:

  • Surfer Dude
  • Space Cadet
  • Pirate Ship
  • Batman (or Superman, Iron Man, etc)
  • Football (or Baseball, Tennis, etc)
  • Aquatic

Basic Blue Rooms

If your kid is older, or growing up too darn fast, and you don’t want to do a theme idea that could quickly become passe, you might want to think about the color blue. Yes, blue is typical boy’s color – but that’s because most of ‘em love it! Try out a cool teal color like Poseidon, or a classic hue like Blue Chip (Sherwin Williams).

Blue is also pretty cool because if you do want to try a theme bedroom but don’t want the giant commitment of painting a wall mural, there are lots of things that blue works with: nautical, aquatic, space, patriotic, and pretty much anything sports related.

Two Toned Walls

The simplest and perhaps longest lasting of the boys bedroom ideas we found is to do two toned walls with some classic furniture. The high contrast of the walls means that the room will always look fun and modern. The classic, simple furniture – this can be natural wood, black, or even the birch effect from IKEA – will have a lot of staying power. That way, you won’t have to redo the room every two years. Try white walls contrasted with panels of forest green. You can either do opposite walls, or top/bottom contrasts. This would look awesome with almost any type of decor.

Shared Spaces

If your two kids are sharing a room, there are lots of cool boys bedroom ideas and ways to organize the room so each boy gets to express his individual character. If it’s a smaller space where you have a bunk bed, try this out for a change: put the beds perpendicular to each other, instead of having them both parallel and right on top of each other. It will still be a “bunk bed” but this layout will make it more fun, and it won’t look like the typical army barracks situation.

If the bedroom is on the bigger side, you can use a partition to keep the room separate, but still looking cool. IKEA has a lot of inexpensive options for this. You could hang a curtain with a fun design to make a divide. This way it can be easily opened and closed for whenever you want a big, open room, or some privacy. Another tried and true is the Expedit bookcase. Those bookcases are always on Craigslist so check there first before you head over to IKEA. If you do eventually get to IKEA, take a look at their showroom – they always have cool, modern boys bedroom ideas.

Thanks for joining us, and we hope we’ve helped you out with some re-decorating inspiration!

Photo by superhua / CC BY 2.0

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